January “to do” list

Vegetable Garden Grape Arbor

Vegetable Garden Grape Arbor

1. Develop a planting plan for a new vegetable garden and include a bed of cutting flowers.

2. Make a list of the plants you love, lack and want to have in your gardens.

3. Design an experiment area for combining with ornamental grasses and drought tolerant perennials.

4. Review the Latin names of your plants.

5. Find a brightly colored tool belt to carry hand tools about while working in the garden.

6. Study the seed catalogues. Try starting plants from seed. Or better yet – try growing plants from the saved seeds of last year’s favorites.

7. Put in your order for seeds and hard to find plants and trees now, before the best items are sold out. (At the top of my list: Cercis canadensis ‘Alba’.)

8. Designate one area of the property as a bird sanctuary and plant accordingly.


About christinedarnelldesignstudio

Christine Darnell Design Studio is a landscape and garden design studio in Chester, CT. Imaginative plant combinations characterize the work with an artist’s eye towards texture and color. A strong commitment to environmentally considerate design runs through the practice, the support of local nurseries, and guidance towards the most environmentally sustainable materials and products. Adjunct Professor, Horticulture Dept. of Naugatuck Valley Community College, Waterbury, CT , Wetlands Commissioner for the Town of Chester, Vice President, APLD, Connecticut Chapter.
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