Great Fakes

The late David Hicks once wrote: “There is a great deal of false snobbery attached to garden ornaments, the feeling that if they are not fine original works of antiquity, they are not worth having. It is a snobbery I cannot share.” (My friends don’t quite have that issue!). Each person has their own sense of style and the art and ornaments they choose for their garden should reflect that. Just like a painting you might place in the living room of your home, what you use in your garden should be an expression of you.


About christinedarnelldesignstudio

Christine Darnell Design Studio is a landscape and garden design studio in Chester, CT. Imaginative plant combinations characterize the work with an artist’s eye towards texture and color. A strong commitment to environmentally considerate design runs through the practice, the support of local nurseries, and guidance towards the most environmentally sustainable materials and products. Adjunct Professor, Horticulture Dept. of Naugatuck Valley Community College, Waterbury, CT , Wetlands Commissioner for the Town of Chester, Vice President, APLD, Connecticut Chapter.
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